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The Nvision Approach

We provide an integrated approach, offering all the components for enhancing your personal and professional impact. We provide you with a flexible approach to learning, tailored to your needs and the needs of your organisation. The skills you learn with us range from increasing your presence and confidence, focusing on areas such as self discovery and awareness, conveying your communication with clarity through voice, image, body language, rapport building, and understanding what motivates you, to improving and transforming your leadership style and developing others to be leaders. We help you master the practices of leading, receiving and giving feedback and achieving results. We also offer techniques for your overall health and wellbeing, including taking control, being proactive, managing stress, positively, anticipating and embracing change.

Leadership Development


Nvision believes in developing leadership in everybody. Leadership is not just about the leader, it is about how the leader builds confidence at every level; self-confidence, confidence in others, confidence in the system and the confidence of external investors.
Nvision increases the confidence of every leader through superior tools and techniques; creating outcome orientated goals, visualisation, anchoring techniques to overcome limits, fears and procrastination, personalised feedback to individuals to develop confidence in how they look, speak and to increase their overall impact, presence and confidence in their own values and beliefs.

The new leaders care about people and collaboration, they are role models and provide opportunities for others to lead, they build the confidence in their teams to persist, to provide their best thinking and turn threats and challenges into positive results.

The new leaders develop confidence to attract investment, talent, loyalty, support, accountability and effort.


Nvision embeds a culture of leadership development from person to person and in the organisation as a whole.

"Leadership is about making people say, 'I will walk on water for you.' It is about creating a worthy dream and helping people achieve it”. – From the Book ‘The Essence of Leadership"
By N R Narayana Murthy

Types of Management Development Programmes

Outbound Programmes:

These are interactive 2-3 day programs where learning begins with self – discovery and theories are only reference points. Active learning takes place by :

Involving participants in an activity followed by self evaluation

Determining what was useful or important to remember

Using this information to perform another activity.”

Powerful and challenging tasks bring out the best in every person, which help in imbibing the traits of a true leader and how a team is brought together to perform at its best. Thus experiential learning sets up learning situations where the participants are involved in learning through listening, reflecting and applying by raising questions that are then answered with more questions that make one think further about the topic at hand.

One Day On Site/ Off Site Programmes:

These programmes have been designed as a one day on site / off site programme keeping in mind the constraints in making managers available for two - three days at a stretch,away from their workplace. The programmes are designed to deliver similar learning outcomes as would a two - three day programme.

Soft Skills Training

Training in Soft Skills is an important part of an individuals overall development as it has a significant impact on Personality Development. Nvision focuses on elements of Learning and Development that require changes in behavior and thinking.

Soft Skills as opposed to hard skills (such as technical skills), greatly impact relationships with customers and developing a successful business. Soft skills such as Cultural Sensitivity, Business Etiquette and good Communication Skills (telephone etiquette, email etiquette, information gathering and listening skills) make a greater impact on clients from across the world.

It is imperative that organizations aiming for high trajectory growth continuously upgrade the 'soft skills' of their workforce. It not only helps improve service but also shows the interest that an organization has in the professional development of their employees, which in turn leads to higher employee retention.

Programme Overview

Nvision training is designed to help today’s leaders become more confident and effective in taking their people to the next level. Here is an overview of our more popular programmes all with specific objectives in mind. You can now choose from Leadership, Team or Personal Development Programmes depending on your present needs, and at what stage you are at in your career.

It is very important to us that the training you receive is relevant, and with that in mind we can blend many of our programmes to supplement or enhance yours. Our facilitators would also delight in running your “in house” programmes for you.

More programmes will be added over time, so please continue to review this section, and let us know if there is anything missing that we can help you with. Feel free to contact us directly for more information on any of our programmes:


:: Leadership Development :: Decision Making :: Competency Based Interviewing Skills
:: Team building :: Innovation & Creativity :: Grooming & Etiquette
:: Organizational Effectiveness :: Interpersonal & Feedback Skills :: Assertiveness
:: Change Management :: Communication Skills :: Time Management
:: Conflict Management :: Negotiation Skills :: Presentation Skills

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